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Booking Travel & Travel Portal

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  • What is the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    The Travel Portal is the University's tool for air, hotel, and rental car bookings. The portal comprises of a suite of tools and services that together aim to: ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students while they travel; deliver exceptional travel-related services; streamline the expense reporting process; and reduce travel costs.

  • Who has access to the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    The Portal can be accessed and used by any current University faculty, staff, or student. Employees and students can book travel for companions or guests in the portal.

  • Can I still use Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. to book travel?

    University employees and students should book their air, hotel, and car rental needs through the Portal. Once inside the Portal, travel can be arraigned through the Concur online booking tool or with the University's  travel agency of record to book business travel.

    Travel Incorporated is the University's travel agency of record and is integrated with the Concur travel online booking tool to provide travelers with best-in-class technology. You may book through Travel Inc. via the online Concur tool or by calling an agent for assistance with more complicated international trips or trips with multi-legs.

    Travel Incorporated is available to solve problems, give professional advice, and assist with visa and passport processing. They provide personalized service via phone or email, and support online reservations and newly initiated agent bookings.

  • Can I book for another faculty, staff, or student on the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    Yes. To book, the faculty, staff, or student will need to give you rights as one of their Travel Assistants. By doing so, you will be allowed to act as the traveler within the booking tool and book their travels. All booking information and transactions will then be stored in the traveler's profile. To access a tip-sheet on how to be made a travel assistant, please click here.

  • How can I book travel for groups?


    Group Travel is defined when 10 or more people are all traveling together and must be booked in the same reservation. This may result in steeper discounts than current travel negotiated rates and requires additional logistics. In addition to group travels, University hosted events may have unique travel needs. 

    In order to assess your group or event airline needs, please fill out the Group Reservation Form and submit to


    Hotel reservations through Concur are ideal when booking one room at a time. If you need multiple rooms for multiple travelers, it is suggested to book directly through a Travel Incorporated agent at 770-291-5187. Please note: Hotel corporate rates are based on reservations for less than 10 individuals. When booking for groups of 10 or more, this qualifies as a group reservation/room block where employees are responsible for contacting hotels directly to contract prices for groups.

  • What form of payment should I use when booking travel?

    The primary form of payment for individual employee travel arraignments is the University Travel Card. When booking and paying for others, the University of Miami Purchasing card (P-card) should be used.

  • Can I use the University of Miami Travel Portal to arrange travel for a non-employee?

    Yes. University faculty, staff, and students have access to book non-employees or students by selecting the "booking for a guest" option. Please note, that this option should be used only if the non-employee/student's travel expenses will be covered by the University.

  • Are there any fees associated with using the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    Booking agent and booking fees are waived for Business Travel by the Department of Travel Management.

    Leisure trips will inquire the following fees:

    • Call in to book Airfare = $20.00
    • Call in to book Car = $0.00
    • Call in to book Hotel = $0.00
    • Call in After Hours = $19.00
      • Note: after hours fee is an additional fee charged for every phone call made between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. EST.
    • Online Air booking = $4.50
    • Online Car booking = $0.00
    • Online Hotel booking = $0.00
    • Call in for technical support = $0.00
    • Cancellation of trips= $0.00 unless an additional airline booking is made

  • How do I receive invoices for bookings made in the Travel Portal?

    Travelers: Travelers have access to their invoices by visiting their travel portal's homepage. Once inside, there is a section titled "My Transaction" your invoice can be found here. Invoices are also located in e-itineraries, which are emailed within 10 minutes of booking.

    Travel Arrangers/Assistants: To obtain invoices for bookings made by you, you will need to access the booking's e-itinerary which is emailed to you within 10 minutes of your booking.

    Invoices, e-itineraries, and trip information can always be requested through a Travel Incorporated agent.

    Please note: the Travel Portal will only provide invoices for flights and train bookings. Hotel and car reservations are charged directly by the vendor, and you would be responsible for coordinating payment and invoices through the vendor.

  • Can I book international reservations online?

    You may book international travel through the Travel Portal's booking tool, Concur. However, it is recommended that all complex international travel, e.g., more than two connecting flights, be booked by trough a Travel Incorporated Travel Agent who can check for best trip routing, connection times, schedules, and airline rates, as well as provide options and ensure you have proper travel documentation.

  • Can I book for two or more travelers going to the same destination?

    The Travel Portal's booking tool, Concur, allows for up to six flights to be booked at a time and only one hotel room and car rental reservation per transaction. Travelers and arrangers have access to trip cloning. This feature allows a travel arranger to easily make multiple reservations for one trip. After the first reservation is made, an option to copy is given without having to repeat every step of the booking process multiple times.

    To access a tip-sheet on trip cloning and more options, click here.


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  • What is an e-itinerary?

    E-itineraries are electronic itineraries that are provided to travelers and travel arrangers/assistants when booking a trip on the Travel Portal.

  • How do I view my e-itinerary?

    Both the booking tool, Concur, or a Travel Inc. travel agent will send your travel itinerary to the email address listed in your profile immediately after you confirm the trip and once the ticket is issued. Travel arrangers will be copied in itineraries if applicable. Travelers can easily access their e-itineraries inside their Travel Portal.

Travel Agency

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  • Does the University of Miami have a preferred travel agency?

    Travel Incorporated is the University-wide contracted travel agency. Travel Incorporated provides the University with a team travel agents dedicated to providing, 24/7 travel support, travel bookings/arraignments, and assist in managing the University of Miami Travel Portal.

  • What is Travel Incorporated's contact information?

    For Travel Incorporated Online Technical Support:

    Our online technical support team can assist with any issues or questions regarding the online booking tool.

    Contact: Travel Incorporated
    Toll Free: 866-738-6444(inside North America)
    Direct: 770-291-4108(outside North America)

    For Travel Agent Assistance:

    Our University of Miami dedicated travel agents can assist with complex bookings, issues with a trip, price matching, or booking group travel. Please note when booking with an agent, an additional fee may apply.

    Contact: Travel Incorporated
    Toll Free: 888-241-0944(inside North America)
    Direct: 770-291-5187(outside North America)

Air Travel

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  • How should I book air travel for the University of Miami?

    Employees and students should book air travel through the Travel Portal.

  • Does the University of Miami receive discounted rates for airline tickets?

    Please click here to see airline discounts and offers. Note: the Travel Portal also houses discounts arranged by Travel Incorporated.

  • Can I request an infant in arms ticket through the University of Miami Travel Portal booking tool?

    The Travel Portal booking tool does not have the functionality to purchase infant in arms tickets. If this is a for business travel expense, it is suggested to book this ticket type through a Travel Incorporated live agent.

  • Can I hold flights on the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    Yes. Flights can be held for a period of 24 hour at a time. Flights can be held on the Travel Portal's booking tool, by selecting "Hold" after the option of "Reserve and Continue." Flights can also be held when booking through a Travel Incorporated agent.

    Note: holding multiple reservations for same routing or times or making multiple airline changes is considered an illegal booking practice by the airlines and may result in penalties.

  • I am a status member for an airline can I use my status for upgrades and priority check-in through the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    No. You can book your tickets at our negotiate prices through the Travel Portal and then use your booking record locator number to use your status and points directly through the airline. If you booked and included an airline rewards number, your booking will automatically be shared with the airline and will even be found in your airline app.

  • Can I select my seats through Concur?

    Yes, but limited to your ticket type. After you "Reserve and Continue" with your flight booking, a seat will automatically be selected for you based on your travel preference. You can then change to a seat in the class you reserved, e.g., first class seats for first class fares, premium economy seats for premium economy fares, etc.

  • Can I upgrade seats or pick preferential seats through Concur?

    Preferential seats can be requested but are not guaranteed and the traveler must have a loyalty number loaded in their profile to request these otherwise, an error will be shown. There is no ability to pay for preferential seats in the system. Some airlines will show paid preferential (marked with a star) and/or preferential seats (marked with a white corner) on the seat map. The system will allow you to request the preferential seats at no additional cost; however, preferential seats will be determined based on your flyer status and are not guaranteed.

    Paid preferential seats or upgrades cannot be selected on the booking system (they are only visible for informational purposes only and must be purchased after the booking is made through the airline using your booking reference number). If you booked with a rewards number in the system, your reservation will automatically be shared with the airline and these upgrades can be done on the airline app or website.

  • Can I still get my own reward points when booking through the University of Miami Travel Portal?

    Your travel profile includes a section for Frequent Traveler Programs, e.g., frequent flyer numbers or other similar travel rewards programs for car rental and hotels. Reservations and purchases you make through Travel Incorporated/Concur will be linked to the information in your profile. The name on your frequent travel rewards programs must match the name in your Concur profile to get points awarded.

  • Can I book business or first class flights?
  • What is an "Unused Ticket" that is showing on my Travel Portal?

    Unused tickets are a credit to an airline that resulted from canceling a changeable, but non-refundable ticket. Unused tickets will be show in the profile of the traveler who's name was in the original ticket and, usually, these tickets cannot be transferred to other travelers. Please contact Travel Management at travel@miami.eduif you would like to inquire if your airline ticket's name can be transferred.

    Unless a change-fee waiver was offered by the airline, unused tickets normally will require a fee anywhere between $200-$400 to use. When booking on the Travel Portal, travelers and arrangers will be given the option of using an unused ticket if applicable at the end of an airline reservation. Travel arrangers will need to act as the traveler who's profile has an unused ticket, in order to use an unused ticket.

  • How do I use an unused ticket for personal use?

    Unused tickets that were purchased with a University Purchasing card (P-card), Travel card, or were reimbursed by the University should never be used for leisure travel. Unused tickets should only be used for leisure if the original purchase was for a leisure reason in the portal.

    Since the portal is maximized for business, the use of unused tickets is restricted for leisure when booking through the online booking tool. If you have an unused ticket that was obtained due to a canceled leisure trip, you will need to book it directly through a Travel Incorporated agent, which will inquire an agent fee, or book directly through the airline of the unused ticket.

  • How can I notify an airline of a disability?

    Travelers with disabilities can book their ticket through the Travel Portal's online booking tool and then contact the airline directly to notify the airline of any disability needs. We recommend booking through a Travel Incorporated agent for an extra fee, to avoid having to contact the airline directly. Each individual airline and aircraft has it's own set of regulations as it pertains to disability and wheelchair needs.

  • Can I add my TSA Pre check / Known Traveler Number (KTN) in my Travel profile?

    Yes. This number must be entered into your Concur profile when booking airfare so that it is included in future air travel reservations.

  • How can a register a disability for a flight?

    There are a number of disability requirements that airlines must be notified of before boarding. These disabilities include the need of service dogs, extra seat needed, wheelchair required, and more. The online booking tool, Concur, does not have the ability to input these needs the first time you book a flight. We recommend booking with a Travel Incorporated agent the first time (agent fee will apply) to get everything entered correctly, and request the agent to hard-code the disability requirements to your profile. If the particular disability need can be hard-coded, the accommodation will be applied the next time you book on Concur. Requests can always be booked through a travel agent.

  • How can I coordinate group travel?

    Group Travel is defined when 10 or more people are all traveling together and must be booked in the same reservation. This may result in steeper discounts than current travel negotiated rates and requires additional logistics. In addition to group travels, University hosted events may have unique travel needs. 

    In order to assess your group or event airline needs, please fill out the Group Reservation Form and submit to

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