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The University of Miami Travel Portal

The University of Miami Travel Portal is the University's tool for air, hotel, and rental car bookings. The portal comprises of a suite of tools and services that together aim to: ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students while they travel; deliver exceptional travel-related services; streamline the expense reporting process; and reduce travel costs.

University travelers, travel arrangers, and students can take advantage of both the online booking tool housed inside the portal and booking directly through a University dedicated agent.

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  • Access

    The University of Miami Travel Portal can be accessed by current University faculty, staff, and students. Employees and students have access to book travel for themselves or for guests. The portal can also be utilized for leisure travel.

  • Benefits

    Benefits to travelers and travel arrangers include:

    • Intuitive user interface, self-service online booking tool and high quality in person assistance (agency) enhance booking experience and reduce admin work.
    • Travelers can take advantage of negotiated rates and discounts for airfare, lodging, and car rentals as well as discounts provided by Travel Incorporated.
    • University dedicated travel agents, 24/7 customer support that book services and provide travel industry guidance.
    • Travel Incorporated agent support for group bookings and negotiations.
    • Access to a centralized travel itinerary.
    • Travel preferences, loyalty program numbers and special requests, are all maintained in a Travel eProfile that is automatically applied during booking. This service significantly reduces administrative work.
    • Ability to securely store credit card information for quick and easy bookings.
    • International SOS integration for international trips, reduces administrative work for travelers to register their trips. This also ensures that travelers are adhering to travel policies and have access to ISOS global support while on their trip. 
    • Ability to dedicate travel assistants for easy booking and access to traveler itineraries.
    • Itineraries are automatically shared with airlines, if rewards programs are included when booking. This allows to travelers to easily check-in, request upgrades, or purchase additional needs such as bags, directly through the airline.
    • Ability to use for leisure travel.
    • System enhances the ability for the University to identify and assist travelers in the event of an emergency.
    • Travel Incorporated agents have access to assist travelers with travel cancellation needs or travel alternatives. University dedicated agent support can significantly shorten wait times for contacting agent support, compared to waiting for airline, hotel or car service agents. This service is not available when travelers book outside the portal.
    • Travel incorporated monitors major incidents or travel disruptions and send proactive communications to travel managers or leadership to advise of these incidents to assist in needs of evacuation.
    • In the case of emergencies, Travel Incorporated has access to send communications to travelers directly, regarding affected areas and offering to check for refund waivers and flight cancellation policies on behalf of the traveler.
    • Access to unused tickets, which travel assistants can automatically apply when booking for profiled travelers.
    • Identifies flights that adhere to The Fly America Act.
    • System reimbursement "Soft" policy checks that users stay within guidelines when booking.
    • Guaranteed 24hr no fee voids.
    • Managers are copied on business itinerary confirmations that are against policy.

  • Instructions

    To access the University of Miami Travel Portal, please visit

    Travel Management has compiled training's and tip sheets about the portal, which can be found here.

    Need support for online bookings or assistance with setting up your travel profile? Contact Travel Incorporated Technical Support:

    • Toll Free: 866-738-6444 (inside North America)
    • Direct: 770-291-4108 (outside North America)

  • Discounts

    The University of Miami Travel Portal houses Travel Management contracted discounts for airfare, lodgingcar rentals, as well as discounts provided by Travel Incorporated.

    Highlights include:

    • Enterprise/National state contract starting at a daily rate of just $25, inclusive of insurance when renting for business and free upgrades when available. Read more.
    • Booking access to hotels with significantly reduced corporate rates in and outside of South Florida. Read more.
    • American Airlines discounted rates and perks such as priority check-in and name-change waivers for unused tickets. Read more.
    • Corporate Discounts on JetBlue Airways Corporation. Read more.
    • 50% Bonus Rapid Reward points on SouthWest Airlines from June 1, 2020-June 1, 2021. Read more.
    • Save up to 15% at any Red Roof Inn location in the continental United States. Read more.

  • Online Booking and Travel Incorporated Fees

    Booking agent and booking fees are waived for Business Travel by the Department of Travel Management.

    Leisure trips will inquire the following fees:

    • Call in to book Airfare = $20.00
    • Call in to book Car = $0.00
    • Call in to book Hotel = $0.00
    • Call in After Hours = $19.00
      • Note: after hours fee is an additional fee charged for every phone call made between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. EST.
    • Online Air booking = $4.50
    • Online Car booking = $0.00
    • Online Hotel booking = $0.00
    • Call in for technical support = $0.00
    • Cancellation of trips= $0.00 unless an additional airline booking is made

  • Group/Non-Employee Business Travel

    Non-employee/Non-Student Travel:

    Only current employees and students have access to enter the self-booking tool found in the travel portal. Once inside, employees and students have the option to make arrangements for non-employees/non-students through the GUEST function. 

    If your current process requires that a non-employee/non-student makes their own travel arrangements, you may proceed with one of the following *options:

    1. Individual can call/email the travel agents directly, and inform the agents that they are booking as GUEST. Traveler must identify a current employee or student to book under. This employee or student must have an active travel profile, and will be identified as the Travel Assistant on the reservation. 
    2. You may fill out a Group/Non-employee Reservation Form and submit it to and This is ideal for events, individuals who should have access to book for long periods of times, departments who would like to include specific payment methods and policy restrictions.May take up to 48hrs to process.


    Group Travel is defined when 10 or more people are all traveling together and must be booked in the same itinerary. This may result in steeper discounts than current travel negotiated rates and/or requires additional logistics. In addition to group travels, University hosted events may have unique travel needs. 

    In order to assess your group or event airline needs, please fill out the Group/Non-employee Reservation Form and submit to and May take up to 48hrs to process. 


    Hotel reservations through Concur are ideal when booking one room at a time. If you need multiple rooms for multiple travelers, it is suggested to book directly through a Travel Incorporated agent at 770-291-5187 or directly through the hotel of choice. Please note: Hotel corporate rates are based on reservations for less than 10 individuals. When booking for groups of 10 or more, this qualifies as a group reservation/room block where employees are responsible for contacting hotels directly to contract prices for groups.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Please visit our FAQ's page to see answers to frequently asked questions about the University of Miami Travel Portal and business travel.

    If you don't see you question answered in the FAQ's, please contract Travel Management at