International Travel

International Travel and International SOS

Faculty, staff, and students traveling to a foreign country for purposes related to their employment or academic fulfillment with the University must comply with University of Miami International Travel Policy. For your ease, we have created an easy to use checklist for international travel:

  1. The authorization process should be initiated two (2) weeks in advance of the expected departure. Traveler should not incur travel expenses until the travel is authorized.

  2. Please check your destination country or regions within countries on the U.S Department of State Travel Advisories. Travel to the countries or regions within countries, which are listed on the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories as level 3 or 4 require the approval of the Assistant Dean and Director of Study Abroad and the Provost for the Academy & Students or the Office of Faculty Affairs, as the delegate for the Dean and Chief Academic Officer for MSOM/UHealth. Please see tab Level 3 & Level 4 for further information.

  3. Once travel approvals are received, please proceed with booking your air travel through the University of Miami Travel Portal or through a World Travel Agent. It is highly encouraged to book travel for UM faculty & staff by using the UM Travel Card.

  4. Register any airfare, hotel or car rental itinerary not booked through the University of Miami Travel Portal with the University of Miami's International SOS Global Assistance Program (itineraries made through the Travel Portal are automatically shared with International SOS), print a copy of the UM Travel Assistance Card, and download the International SOS Mobile App. This card contains the membership number, emergency contacts and additional information at a glance. For help registering a trip, visit the MyTrips User Guide.

    Register with International SOS
  5. Traveler must refer to the University’s Export Control Compliance Website, prior to their travel for additional travel information.

  6. Refer to the University's Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement Policy for information on expense reports, per diem rates, and more.

Travel Restrictions

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  • Level 3 & Level 4

    Level 3 Orange: Reconsider Travel

    Level 4 Red: Do Not Travel

    If traveling to a destination that is level 3 or 4, please continue with the following steps:

    1. Faculty, staff, or student must complete their appropriate Travel Authorization Form which is found in the Risk Management website.
    2. This form is first submitted to the traveler’s departmental Chair, Dean, Vice President, or immediate Supervisor for initial travel authorization.
    3. Travel Authorization forms for the Academy are submitted to the Office of Study Abroad by email at Travel Authorization forms for the MSOM/UHealth are submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs, as the delegate for the Dean and Chief Academic Officer for MSOM by email at
    4. The office of Study Abroad or Faculty Affairs as a delegate to the Dean, in consultation with Risk Management, will review the requests and provide the recommendation for travel (approval, approval with conditions, or rejection).

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